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October 2014

FineScale Modeler magazine is the essential tool for modelers of all skill levels.  Learn how to create models of aircraft, armor, ships, cars and more.  Every issue provides clear, well-instructed articles that show how to assemble the latest model kits and how to master painting and finishing techniques.

Kit reviews, new kit and product announcements, tips from experts, and a gallery of readers' models make every issue packed with value.
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Cover Story: Cutting tape masks for hard-edged camouflage
By Aaron Skinner
Aaron uses masking tape to give a NATO Leopard 2 a three-color camouflage scheme and shows you how to do it too.
Pg. 27
Airbrushing & Finishing: Masterful airbrushing tips
By Aaron Skinner
Modeler Simon Harrison shares his airbrushing techniques and seven of the models he's used them on.
Pg. 22
Dress up a well-worn warrior
By John C. Backenstross
John builds a Cosair II at the end of it's 15-year lifespan, and uses aftermarket and scratchbuilt parts to show its age.
Pg. 38
Showcase Special: Drama in a shadow box
Model by Mike McFadden
Forced perspective helps bring to life a vignette of two German soldiers in a parlor with American GIs and a Sherman tank moving in.
Pg. 42
Final Details: Your first (solo) kit
By Mark Hembree
You the readers, along with FSM reviewers, authors, and staff share memories of the first kit they built on their own.
Pg. 66
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