March 1993

FineScale Modeler magazine is the essential tool for modelers of all skill levels.  Learn how to create models of aircraft, armor, ships, cars and more.  Every issue provides clear, well-instructed articles that show how to assemble the latest model kits and how to master painting and finishing techniques.

Kit reviews, new kit and product announcements, tips from experts, and a gallery of readers' models make every issue packed with value.
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Michelle Choquette's 1/32 scale aircraft
When the scale is 1/32, there's room for added details. But there's not much room for improvement when Michelle finishes. This Minneapolis modeler puts everything she's got into her aircraft - an it shows!
Modeling a Stalingrad T-34
By Joe Morgan
An easy 1/35 scale conversion tells a gripping tale
Detailing a 1/12 scale Le Rhone rotary engine
By Bob Steinbrunn
Spiffing up the Williams Brothers classic
Building and painting your first figure
By Jack Smith
Breathing life into a 54 mm Death Dealer
Modeling the Canadair North Star in 1/72 scale
By Geoff McDonell
With major modifications, the Heller DC-6 can become this Merlin-powered transport
Rig with a jig!
By Bruce Bollenbach
Making a simple shroud and ratline fixture for sailing ship models
Modifying and improving Historex 1/32 scale figures
By Glenn Bartolotti
How to conquer plastic-figure conversions
Building a Panzerwerfer 42 in 1/35 scale
By Dan Tisoncik
Adding armor and rockets to Testor/Italeri's Opel Maultier
International Color and Camouflage
By Paul Boyer
Luftwaffe F-4F Phantom II
FSM's Vac-shop - 5
By Paul Boyer
Final assembly, paint, and decals
Detailing cars with plated wire
By Jurgen Kowalski
Working wonders with wire
Down below on the hangar deck
By Rick Boswell
Building and lighting a section of the USS Nimitz hangar in 1/48 scale
Modeling a Ford GT 40 in 1/24 scale
By Greg Kolasa
Modifying Fujimi's 1966 Le Mans winners
Weathering aircraft with pastels
By Rusty White
Just a velvet touch of color can enhance any model
Inside the F-117A Stealth
By Bert Kinzey
A close-up look at the front office of the once super-secret Lockheed Nighthawk
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FSM's unmatched reviews of the latest kits, every one built by a modeler.
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The who, when, and where of modeling events.
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Photos of models of all types, submitted by their builders.
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