May 1995

FineScale Modeler magazine is the essential tool for modelers of all skill levels.  Learn how to create models of aircraft, armor, ships, cars and more.  Every issue provides clear, well-instructed articles that show how to assemble the latest model kits and how to master painting and finishing techniques.

Kit reviews, new kit and product announcements, tips from experts, and a gallery of readers' models make every issue packed with value.
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Dewey Vicknair's 1/35 scale Shilka
A Soviet "tank" for air defense.
XF-88B: Modeling a one-of-a-kind propjet
By Dan Swiersz
A conversion of Lindberg's 1/48 scale XF-88 Voodoo.
Scratchbuilding World War I aircraft
By Pat Percival
Plastic, wood, and metal parts for 1/72 scale box kites.
Resurrecting the
By Bill Norton
An easy scratchbuilding project with few parts.
Salvaging old model cars
By Neil Van Zile Jr.
Restoring glory to crusty classics.
Building a pair of 1/35 scale tank destroyers
By Cookie Sewell
Slick tricks on old kits produce an M10 and an M36.
Editor's Page
A letter from FSM's Editor, Terry Thompson.
Workbench Reviews
FSM's unmatched reviews of the latest kits, every one built by a modeler.
AFV Club Long Tom M59
Williams Brothers Laird Super Solution racer
Dynavector Westland Wyvern strike aircraft
Marco's Miniatures Fokker D.VIII
Plum Blossom Lloyd C.V biplane
AMT/Ertl Plymouth Prowler
Italeri F4U-5N Corsair
RS Models Hs 129A German attack plane
Reader Forum
News & Products
News stories and the latest products to help you enjoy your hobby.
Reader Gallery
Photos of models of all types, submitted by their builders.
Tips and Techniques
Coming Events
The who, when, and where of modeling events.
New Kit Report
Book Briefs
Classified Marketplace
Hobby Shop Directory
Index of Advertisers
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