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February 2010
Hasegawa 1/20 scale Ferrari 312T2 1976 Monaco GP
Hasegawa has a winner with the 1/20 scale kit of Niki Lauda's Monaco winning Ferrari.
By Mark Melchiori
Published: November 24, 2009
Frrom-Azur 1/72 scale Savoia Marchetti S.M.79 JIS/JRS B
Built for the Romanian air force, the JIS and JRS aircraft are twin-engine versions of Italy's famous trimotor S.M.79 bomber and transport.
By Jim Zeske
Published: November 24, 2009
Dragon 1/35 scale Ersatz M10
German attempts to disguise Panthers as American M10s met with some success at the Battle of the Bulge, and the vehicles remain popular modeling subjects.
By John Plzak
Published: November 24, 2009
Pacific Coast 1/32 scale Focke-Wulf Ta 152
Focke-Wulf designer Kurt Tank's ultimate Fw 190 was the Ta 152 designed as a high-altitude interceptor to stem the Allied air assault on Germany. The few that entered service arrived too late to have an impact.
By Jim Zeske
Published: November 24, 2009
Trumpeter 1/350 scale <i>Prinz Eugen</i>
The largest German vessel to escape World War II largely unscathed, Prinz Eugen was an Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser.
By Bruno Schielzeth
Published: November 24, 2009
Tamiya 1/48 scale U.S. Modern 4x4, Cargo
The pickup version of the U.S. military's Humvee is a welcome addition to Tamiya's 1/48 scale line. It comes with a choice of open or covered bed.
By Chris Oglesby
Published: November 24, 2009
Revell Germany 1/700 scale Container Ship <i>Colombo Express</i>
Models of modern cargo ships are few and far between, which makes Revell Germany's Colombo Express especially welcome. And it's a fun build, too!
By Aaron Skinner
Published: November 24, 2009

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