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Wingsy Kits Claude, Panda Husky, HobbyBoss Flanker, Hasegawa Tatsuta, & Italeri B-52

Our photo contest marks the 75th anniversary of the start of the war in the Pacific. Cast your vote now!

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Karl Logan demonstrates the Oil Dot Filter Weathering Technique using Testors and Model Master products.
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HK Models B-17 Flying Fortress WIP — Updated Jan. 24 Subscriber Only Content

FSM reviewer Chuck Davis, known for tackling big projects, has his hands full with HK Models’ 1/32 scale B-17. Follow along as he sends periodic updates of his progress. So far the work has been mostly part cleanup and preparation.
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Takom Type 69-II Subscriber Only Content

With the loss of Soviet support after the Sino-Soviet split, China developed its own arms industry. The Type 69 was that industry’s first main battle tank. Based on the T-54, it incorporated parts copied from a T-62 captured during a border con...
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Meng M1A2 SEP Abrams TUSK I/TUSK II Subscriber Only Content

From a box crammed with parts, Meng’s Abrams allows you to build one of two versions of the up-armored M1A2 — TUSK I, with extra protection for the hull and hatches, or TUSK II, with more protection for the hull, some for the turret, and ...
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