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Early US Armor Tanks 1916–40

By Steven J. Zaloga

Comments: Softcover, 48 pages, all black-and-white photos

ISBN: 978-1-4728-1807-2

Price: $18

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

From the publisher: Between the two World Wars, the US contributed significantly to the development of the tank, a weapon invented by the British and the French seeking a way to break through the lines of German trenches. From the employment of the French Renault FT and British Mark V during their involvement in World War I, the US branched out with their own indigenous designs including the M1 Cavalry Car and the M2 Light and Medium tanks, the precursors to the Stuart and Grant tanks of World War II. Tank designers in this period faced unique challenges and so the story of early American armor is littered with failures among the successes.
Featuring previously unpublished photos and fully illustrated throughout, Early U.S. Armor: Tanks 1916-40 is essential reading for anyone interested in American armor, or in the development of tank design.

FSM says: Typical of Osprey’s other New Vanguard title, Early U.S. Armor is filled with neat photos and color profiles that modelers will fine useful. Zaloga details the development of the American tank corps during World War I through its disbandment after the armistice and the various vehicles built in the 1920s and ’30s. Those illustrated include: 1917 Holt Gas-Electric Tank; CLB 75 Tracklayer; Renault FT and M1917; Mark V; Mark VIII; Christie M1919, M1928, and M1930; T1E1 light tank; T1E1 medium tank; T3E1 convertible tank; M1 combat car; M2 light tank; and M2 medium tank. The only downside of reading this book is a desire to build some of the tanks and there aren’t many kits around.


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