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Product Announcements: June 16, 2021

4 new aircraft and figure scale model kits
Special Hobby Tachikawa Ki-54 Hei/Hickory (Japanese Army transport plane)
No. SH72270
Scale: 1/72
MSRP: $24.75

The Ki-54 Hickory was a WW2 Japanese twin engine aeroplane which was manufactured in four main versions used for pilots training, wireless operators and navigators training, aerial gunnery training and finally the version used for both transport and anti-submarine patrols. 

The kit comers on four styrene sprues and one with clear parts. Ki-54 has never been kitted in styrene format before. The first incarnation of our kit is the transport variety and brings three Japanese airframes, one of which in two guises. Among the schemes you will also find the Ki-54 Hei / Hickory no.5541 which had to make an emergency landing on the Towada lake on 27 September 1943. The plane was found and fished out of the lake on 5 September 2012 and was put on display at the Misawa museum. An airframe which can boast with its interesting past is the 10.Dokiuritsu Hikodan Shireibu machine which was used to fly the Lieutenant General Masao Baba capitulation delegation to Borneo. For this particular option, the decal sheet has the green capitulation crosses as well.

Special Hobby Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 Lightly Armed Emil
No. SH72454
Scale: 1/72
MSRP: $18

In the first two years of World War Two, the Messerschmitt Bf 109E was arguably among the top fighter aeroplanes of the world, if not the very best of them. The type was produced in two major varieties differing by their armament – the so-called lightly-armed type and those with heavier punch. The former was fitted with four machine guns, two of them above the engine, the other two in the wings, the production gave versions E-1, E-5 and E-6. 

This kit is a follow up to the E-3 and E-4 versions of Special Hobby Bf 109E kits which have recently been awarded the Model of the Year 2021 prize. It comes on two grey styrene sprues, one clear parts sprue and the decal sheet brings markings for four interesting machines operated by the Luftwaffe. The picked schemes offers machines flown by such ace fighter pilots as were Fritz Losigkeit who spent some time during the war flying in Japan and H.Trautloft, there is also a machine in two shades of green wearing a witch emblem under the cockpit and a machine of JG2 commanding officer Obers Gerd von Massow.

Painting masks and CMK resin sets are available separately. 

Special Hobby P-40M Warhawk/Kittyhawk Mk.III
No. SH72382
Scale: 1/72
MSRP: $19.65

The Warhawk was a true hero and a workhorse of the Second World War. Its many various versions fought with the Allied air forces over almost all fronts and theatres of operations. The M version was the penultimate production version and was delivered both to the USAAF and the Allies. And this is the very reason there is so many interesting-looking colour schemes which the M Warhawks wore during their flying career. 

Our model has been kitted to a very high standard, three styrene sprues and one clear are joined by a decal sheet offering markings for four machines. Resin sets and painting masks available separately. You will find the almost mandatory Wairarapa Wildcat of the RNZAF top ace pilot G.B.Fisken, then there are two US machines and one as flown by an Aussie pilot. 

Special Hobby German He 162A Mechanics (2 pieces for Special Hobby kit)
No. F72372
Scale: 1/72
MSRP: $9.75

The new Special Hobby Heinkel He 162 kit comes in the form of two mechanics, the first is opening the armament compartment and the other taking a closer look as if to learn something new from his superior. This is just one more of the wide range of He 162 sets, which are as follows: F72365 Pilot figures, 7443 Armament Set, 7444 Engine Set, Q72361 seat and Q72362 wheels.
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