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Welcome to the Die-Cast Club Garage

Founded in 2013 by a family of motor enthusiasts with a deep love of collecting and expertise sharpened over three generations, Die-Cast Club offers model builders and collectors of every level of experience unique opportunities to share their passion for excellence – in the form of cars, motorcycles, airplanes and military vehicle replicas across a range of scales.

Working closely with the team at Hero Collector and their extensive range of beloved pop-culture licenses, we’ve assembled this exclusive “garage”to bring together some of the most iconic and longed for legends of the road in one place – true stars of the silver screen presented as accurate-to-the-last-detail, in oversized 1:8 scale models that you build yourself from the ground up – making each one truly original.

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Subsequent sets of parts and magazines will be delivered to your door each month for $10.90 + $2.45 shipping per kit.*

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As a subscriber, you’re eligible to receive exclusive valuable gifts selected especially for fans like you.* 

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The Die-Cast Club Garage is one of the most luxurious garages in the world. Here you will find the highest quality, officially licensed, 1:8 scale, die-cast models. These models are stunningly recreated, with every detail done to our exacting standards.

The DeLorean with raised hood and doors

Build your own 1:8 scale die-cast replica of Doc Brown’s original DeLorean Time Machine! You can even customize it to reflect the modifications made for the Back to The Future sequels!

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Ecto-1 with hood up and doors open

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, what you gonna build? This stunningly accurate 1:8 scale die-cast replica of the iconic Ecto-1 from the original Ghostbusters!

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DB5 with hood, doors and trunk open

The name is Bond – James Bond. The car is Martin – Aston Martin. The fully tricked-out Aston Martin introduced in 1964’s Goldfinger is yours to build in precision engineered die-cast at 1:8 scale.

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The Nissan GT-R with doors and hood open.

Nissan made it a supercar. The Fast and the Furious movies made it a superstar. Now you can build your own 1:8 scale die-cast replica model of one of the fastest production cars of all time.

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