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Converting a model to represent an earlier version of the subject.

Weight hidden inside the nose of aircraft models with tricycle landing gear to keep them from tipping backward onto their tails. Also called nose weight.


Fine-grain, easy-to-carve wood often used for scratchbuilding or patternmaking.


Boyevaya Mashina Pyekhota; Russian for Infantry Combat Vehicle.

box scale

A model in a nonstandard scale. Early kits were scaled to fit existing boxes.

braille scale

A nickname given to small-scale vehicle kits (1/72 and smaller), but doesn't cover pre-assembled models.


A rotary instrument made of steel or tungsten carbide held and revolved in a hand piece and powered by a dental electric motor or air. In modeling, it is attached to a pin vise to drill holes.

burn out
A dry-brushing technique used to make a model appear scorched by fire.
busy up
Adding detail to an area of model lacking it


Essential finishing techniques for scale modelers.
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