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parts box

A modeler’s collection of unused, leftover, or recycled kit parts.

Ground coloring matter compressed into chalklike sticks. Ground-up pastels are used to simulate weathering.
photoetched-metal tool

While this refers mostly to small folding tools, a photoetched-metal tool can be anything in a modeler's arsenal dedicated to cutting, filing, annealing, folding, rolling, or doing something else unique to photoetched-metal parts.

Colored powder normally mixed with oil or water to produce paint. Can also be used singly as a weathering medium.
pin marks
Impressions left in plastic by the pins that eject parts from a mold.
pin vise
A handle with a tiny chuck designed to hold pin-size drill bits or scribing tools.
pin wash
Targeted wash applied to specific areas of a model.

Panzerkampfwagen, German term for tank or armored fighting vehicle.



Essential finishing techniques for scale modelers.
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