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Weathering process in which a solution of highly diluted paint is applied to small details, such as recessed or raised panel lines, rivets. etc., to color them or simulate accumulated grime or dirt. A wash should use a paint base that is different from the one on the model; for example, oil-based paints are used for washes on a model painted with acrylics, and vice versa.

Glue, paint, or other material that can be thinned with water.
Simulating the appearance of wear and tear (battle damage, exposure to the elements, age) on a model with paints, washes, pigments, etc.
wet-or-dry sandpaper
Sandpaper with water-resistant backing. Can be used dry or in water without dissolving.

Sanding a surface using wet-or-dry sandpaper with water. The water carries away the removed material, preventing scratches and producing a smoother finish.

white metal
A light metal alloy (which may contain tin, lead, or pewter) used for part casting.


Essential finishing techniques for scale modelers.
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