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The proportion a model bears relative to the full-size object it represents.

A model (or component) constructed “from scratch,” not from a kit.


Generally, using a pointed tool to carve a line (such as a panel line) into the model’s surface.


Sonderkraftfahrzeug, “special purpose vehicle”; SdKfz numbers were assigned to all purpose-built German military vehicles, but other terms took precedence for tanks, self-propelled guns, and other heavier vehicles, with SdKfz more likely to describe armored cars, halftracks, and other vehicles.

sink hole/mark

Molded styrene parts that cool incorrectly can be marred by sink marks, depressions in the surface.

slide mold

Injection molds that use more than the traditional two-part top and bottom steel molds. In a slide mold, additional mold pieces can be placed into the sides of the main mold halves, allowing for undercuts and even hollow parts impossible with two-part molds.


“Silvery” areas that appear around or under incorrectly applied or defective decals.

spares box
See "parts box."

Self-propelled gun

spray booth

A booth with an exhaust fan to remove harmful vapors emitted by paint, adhesives, and other noxious materials and supplies.


A technique in which a tank or other type of tracked vehicle is mounted to a rough-terrain diorama base with a screw, washer, and nut through the hull's bottom, pulling the vehicle down tightly against the rough objects under the tracks like rocks, boulders, and debris. This causes the suspension arms to bend upwards and impart a realistic sprung-suspension look to the vehicle.


The  plastic “tree” that parts are attached to inside a kit. These were formed by channels that fed molten plastic into the mold and the part cavities.

straight from the box
A model constructed using only the kit-supplied parts without aftermarket additions or modifications. Also a model-contest competition category. Also called "out of the box."
stretched sprue
Heating a piece of sprue by slowly turning it over a candle flame, then stretching it to create flexible plastic wire for details.
Compound used in the manufacturing of plastics and synthetic rubber. Generally, plastic kit parts are made of styrene.
Assembled parts (such as an engine) that will be added to a larger assembly (such as an aircraft fuselage).
A model that has been detailed (often with many additional parts) to the highest standards of detail and accuracy.


Essential finishing techniques for scale modelers.
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