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Zvezda 1/72 scale URAL-M4320 cargo truck plastic model kit review

Excellent detail and fits recommend this tiny truck kit
Kit:5050 // Scale:1/72 // Price:
Excellent detail and fit; clear headlight lenses
White missing on decal for front bumper stripes; no rear license plate backing
Injection-molded plastic (gray, clear); 159 parts (6 vinyl tires); decals
Production of the Russian URAL-M4320 started in 1976, and it remains in production today. Originally powered by a YaMZ-740 diesel engine producing 210 hp, the current production models use the YaMZ-238M2 engine cranking out 240 hp. The vehicle has full-time all-wheel drive and can carry a 4.5-ton load off-road, 6 tons on paved surfaces, and tow a 12-ton artillery piece.

Zvezda has just released a new 1/72 scale URAL-M4320 plastic model kit with 159 well-molded, gray plastic parts. Assembly options include an open or covered rear bed and clear or “blackout” headlights. While the kit does not come with a full engine, what can be seen is well-detailed. Most of the parts are used in building the highly detailed chassis.

The instruction booklet has clear diagrams, and the separate painting and marking sheet is printed in full color — Zvezda and Tamiya paints are referenced. Decals are provided for two vehicles.

I started my truck by skipping ahead in the instructions and building the chassis first. Make sure to get this assembly square and level. The diagram for Step 22 had me stumped, but I eventually figured it out. It makes sense, but just take your time when looking at it. I left off the engine and any other parts that weren't to be painted black, including the wheels, and hit it with Tamiya NATO Black (No. XF-69).

After painting the engine and exhaust, they were added, leaving off the wheels until final assembly.

I painted the interior before assembling the cab. Sadly, virtually none of it is visible through the windows — so don’t worry about getting it perfect. The cab went together quickly, and the fit was excellent. I installed all the windows with a touch of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, being careful not to touch the areas that will remain clear.

The covered bed looked better to me. Again, the fit was excellent and, just like the cab, didn’t require any filler. After painting and a coat of clear gloss, the decals went on the cab and bed. They worked well with Microscale Micro Set and Sol.

There is no flat area where the rear license plate goes, so I added a piece of thin styrene sheet to back the rear plate decal. Also, the decal for the red and white stripes on the front bumper lacks the white lines requiring they be painted.

Once the decals had dried, I airbrushed flat clear on all the parts, and the cab and bed were joined to the frame. Make sure you install the spare tire in its rack before you add the cab and bed because it's difficult to install with both in place. Believe me, I know.

All the lights, reflectors, and rearview mirrors were brush-painted Molotow Chrome decanted from a pen. I picked out the lights with Tamiya Clear Red (No. X-27) and Clear Orange (No. X-26) as needed. I then gave the wheels and underside of the vehicle a light dusting of very thin (90% thinners) Tamiya Flat Earth (No. XF-52) to represent road grime. Finally, the wheels and mirrors were installed.

I spent about 14 hours on my Zvezda 1/72 scale URAL-M4320 plastic model truck kit. The single-color paint scheme and minimal decals helped. The finished model matched the dimension I found on the Military Today website ( With a large number of small parts, the kit is not for the beginner, but I think that any modeler with some experience in small-scale kits would have no trouble assembling it. The finished model makes a fine addition to my ever-growing collection of small-scale Russian vehicles and would do the same for yours.
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